The Importance of Movement

pole vaulting
Movement, we take it for granted, but nobody accomplishes, appreciates, enjoys or experiences anything in life without movement. Working, playing, riding a roller coaster, being intimate with your spouse getting down on the floor to play with a child all are movement. Many say movement is life!

baby crawlingI have been involved in the study of movement and martial arts most of my life, since I was 10 years old. This experience has led me to firmly believe that movement is so important to health that someday it will have a branch of medicine dedicated to the study of it. This is my opinion but I have the experience to back it up. You see, I am the first Tai-Chi instructor in the USA to get doctors’ prescriptions to use this ancient art as a healing modality!

Tai Chi Chuan is a movement discipline that is based on literally thousands of years of martial arts experience. This experience is literally battle tested. If the ancients knowledge of movement And human potential failed they would pay with their life. This experience is what my 3 your black belt tai chi program is based on. The goal of robust health like the ancient warriors is our objective. These centuries of development that have been passed down to me are what I use to create a result for you. No matter what outcome you are looking for!

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