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Where Does the Real Joy in My Life Come From?

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Why should I really Love my life?

So often I see individuals taking action contrary to their own best interest. Why ? Often the answer is because they don’t feel that their life’s promise is worth the effort. In other words, there is nothing compelling enough about their own life to drive them into positive action. This is arguably the worst disease or illness that an individual can be afflicted with. It also may very well lead to most of the other health & fitness challenges that we face. For instance, why not do your movement therapy every day and get rid of your chronic pain once and for all ? Because you just don’t feel like it. Let me translate, you don’t care enough!! Why not stay on that eating plan so that you continue to lose weight, continue to feel better and continue to expand your active lifestyle. Maybe because I’m just not ready. Let’s not cloud this, you’re just not motivated! So how do we change this before this spiritual illness wrecks your entire life? Read on below and we will suggest a step by step process to help you through this desert experience!

The Spiritual Element of Motivation!

Most people get a small taste of the idea that motivation is inspired into us more than something that is created by us. They get this through their common daily experience. Simply, they experience sudden bursts of motivation, realizations that they have a loving desire to certain endeavors. This statement is not made to dis-empower you. I am not trying to convince you that your decisions and actions have nothing to do with the process. On the contrary, your decisions and actions have a lot to do with the process. If you want to have true joy and motivation in your life you must first know where this inspiration comes from and then you can make effective decisions and take effective action. This action will be in line with your hearts deepest desires! The step that I am asking you to take here is to go to my Biblical Health Systems page and download our free preview of the Wisdom Health System. Once you have the sample of the program be sure to follow through and begin taking the steps. Next, buy the program and follow the steps. Take the challenge and you will see the change for yourself!

Walking with God

Walking, the universal exercise! Unfortunately most people don’t realize that this can be a very spiritual activity. It is said in scripture that Abraham and many prominent Biblical figures “walked with the Lord.” Walking has long been an activity that lends itself well to spiritual connection. It can be quite peaceful. No matter what your health or fitness goal is, walking is the indispensable tool. Whether your goal is to pack on muscle or to lose all kind of fat, walking is a necessary part of doing your best. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are trying to restore your health or reach your peak athletic potential, walking can be the exercise that blasts you through to your next level. So, why doesn’t everyone get these results from simply going for a walk once in awhile?? Because like any other exercise there is a lot more to doing it effectively than meets the eye. On this instructional page you will learn:

  1. How to restore balance to your feet so that your workouts are limited by metabolic fatigue and not sore feet!
  2. Why walking and running barefoot are what nature intended.
  3. How proper postural alignment and body mechanics turn running into the stress reducer that Yoga is!
  4. How proper breathing can enhance your experience mentally and physically!
  5. How walking can enhance your creativity!
  6. How walking and running can coordinate with your personal spiritual practices, to enhance your whole life and motivate you to always want more!

Tai-Chi Practice

Stress is one of the greatest destroyers of spiritual motivation. This is why meditation and prayer are always part of any spiritual tradition’s way of drawing close to God. This relationship with God is absolutely necessary if one is going to maximize their spiritual inspiration and joy in their lives. Tai-Chi can teach someone to calm the mind and eliminate the stress that distracts individuals and draws them away from their spiritual disciplines. To reduce stress you must reduce both mental and physical stressors. Tai-Chi is one of the few arts that successfully works with both physical and mental stressors. In its initial phase of training Tai-Chi trains efficient posture and teaches an individual to reduce physical stress. It also teaches moderation and begins to teach individuals not to depend on food to fill psychological or spiritual needs.

Tai-Chi by its nature completely involves individuals in the present moment. This focus on the present leads us away from worry and fear which are generally in the past and future. As you reduce both physical and mental stressors, you will find that you will maintain calm and move toward positive solutions for all of the stress in your life!

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