Health Basics

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Anyone who has been successful in any context can tell you that it was the persistent application of the basics that ultimately led to success. Weight loss and health are certainly no exceptions to this rule! The Pastorella Health Back To Basics Weight loss system will take you through this critical process of applying the basics to health and weight loss in a straight forward, step by step manner, thereby demystifying and reacquainting you with these timeless principles!

Pastorella Family “A Lifelong Quest To Optimum Health & Fitness”

When we are dealing with the specifics of optimum Health & Fitness, we are discussing a very unique, personal process. The Basics however are another matter!

The basics are timeless. They are often the same for everyone and they are often experienced in application together as a family. This is essential as you tackle the initial basics which are commitment and preparation. As you may know if you do not support each other, during the preparatory process commitment can become much harder to maintain. This hurts everyone involved. Anyone who has been part of a top notch successful family team will tell you, if one team member loses everyone loses!

This reality of the basics in application inspired me to share the experience of not only myself but also my family as we learned to apply these timeless principles of health & fitness in our lives!

Get a Checkup By Your Doctor!

Before you begin any fitness program, there is only one logical first step! This step is a basic all by itself! We have no way to know if you are in good enough health for a fitness regimen and the only way that you will know is if you get a checkup from your doctor. Your doctor may even give you some advice to be able to make you successful in this endeavor!


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