Why does Stress Seem To Make Everything Worse?

It seems that every article on Health & Fitness contains some reference to the negative effects of Stress. Before we can positively affect this situation, we need to first ask the question, “What exactly is stress?” This page will give a comprehensive answer to this question.

Two Kinds of Stress!

Most people think of stress simply as worry. Well, worry is an important part of the stress equation but there certainly is more to this story. Let’s look at the two kinds of stress.

  1. Physical Stress – A physical stressor is a physical element that causes the body to be overstimulated and overwork. Two types of physical stressors are postural distortions and Neurostimulants in the diet. Postural distortion causes the body to oppose gravity inefficently, therefore the body has to use more tension and more effort to simply remain upright. This excessive tension that posturally distorted individuals hold will cause their nervous systems to be overstimulated. Neurostimulants like coffee, alcohol, sugar, white flower, artificial colors and preservatives all overstimulate the central nervous sytem. These physical stressors play a part in the overall stress that an individual experiences.
  2. Mental Stress – To understand mental stressors, you must understand the “Stress Response.” In other words, the stressor itself is not the problem but the individuals’ response to the stressor can have the negative effect! Worry is a big factor here! The old saying is”a coward dies a thousand deaths.” As you review the potential negative outcome along with the associated emotions, the body responds as if these events were real. These physical and mental responses are where the damage of mental stressors occur. The cumulative effect of the physical and mental stressors and the individual’s response to them create the potentially harmful states of stress that we all experience. Below you will find the Pastorella Health step by step approach to stress reduction!

Step #1 – Get Checked Out By Your Doctor!

Simply put we have no idea what kind of health that you are currently in. For everyone interested in health and fitness there is only one logical first step. Don’t procrastinate go and get a checkup from your family doctor right where you live. If you don’t have a family doctor, now is a great time to find one that is in line with your personal goals. I want to emphasize that this should be someone that is close so that you have access to them in a crisis. You may be thinking Wow! this physical training stuff is more dangerous than I thought. These guys are checking me out like I’m headed to “stunt man school.” Nothing could be further from the truth! It is my firm belief that there is nothing more dangerous then to sit home and do nothing. That being said, let’s do everything that we can to make this a successful experience. If you end up with a medical issue, your doctor will help you through it and then you can begin training and beat your stress! After you have checked in with your own doctor, you may decide to get some more specific advice from our group of affiliated doctors.
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Step #1a – The Spiritual Element of Stress Management!

What my spiritual life has something to do with my ability to overcome stress ? This is news to me! This is the response of many and that’s why so few people are successful in this undertaking! Beating stress is the same as winning in any battle in that it begins with a burning desire for change and improvement! This requires you to examine your motivations, your core convictions and goals. These subjects lead back to what I would call the core vocational question, Why am I here? What is my true purpose? What is my ultimate destiny? Where does the true joy in life really come from? We will answer these questions in great deal in our Biblical Health Systems section. How does the answers to these questions affect my stress? Stress most often comes from conflict or being pulled in two different directions. Getting straight on what is really important to you, will help you to put first things first and help to avoid the conflict of you impulsively doing one thing while knowing in your gut that something else is far more important. Trust me, my goal is not to change your religion but instead I would like to remind you of the basics of your spiritual life that directly impact your health and well-being. Let’s develop a healthy motivation that allows you to enjoy the exhilarating process of moving toward your hopes and dreams.
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Step # 2 – Begin Tai-Chi Practice

To reduce stress you must reduce both mental and physical stressors. Tai-Chi is one of the few arts that successfully works with both physical and mental stressors. In it’s initial phase of training Tai-Chi trains efficient posture and teaches an individual to reduce physical stress. It also teaches moderation and begins to teach individuals not to depend on food to fill psychological or spiritual needs.

Tai-Chi by its nature completely involves individuals in the present moment. This focus on the present leads us away from worry and fear which are generally in the past and future. As you reduce both physical and mental stressors, you will find that you will maintain calm and move toward positive solutions for all of the stress in your life!

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