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Why Tackle Weight Loss?

The 21st century epidemic of weight loss seems to have eclipsed many of our other lifestyle challenges! Perhaps, this is because obesity is the #1 contributing factor in so many chronic diseases. These diseases are not only the top killers but also the top destroyers of a full, active and fulfilled lifestyle. So being overweight doesn’t only eventually snuff out your life, it is one of the greatest generators of frustrated dreams in the life that you are currently leading.

Healthy Weight Loss is perhaps the most sought after health ability ever! Take a look at everything from Talk Shows to Infomercials to Reality TV, this is the subject on everyone’s mind. Since this is such a diverse and complex subject, with so many potential causes and contributing factors, we realized that their was a need for an online fitness center that could tackle the subject in a comprehensive manner.

This blog is our tool for laying out all of the potential causes and solutions in a comprehensive way. This will allow you or any health seeker to have a systematic way to explore this subject and develop a unique personal solution for yourself! I strongly suggest that you start at the beginning and review all of our entries below in order. This will help you to see the subject before you in it’s entirety. Then after you have an idea of what a complete solution would look like, you can pick and choice what you believe applies to you!

Step #1 – Get Checked Out By Your Doctor!

Simply put we have no idea what kind of health that you are currently in. Worse yet, most of you out there that are pursuing weight loss goals aren’t really sure about your own health status. For everyone interested in health and fitness there is only one logical first step. Don’t procrastinate go and get a checkup from your family doctor right where you live. If you don’t have a family doctor, now is a great time to find one that is in line with your personal goals. I want to emphasize that this should be someone that is close so that you have access to them in a crisis. You may be thinking Wow! this physical training stuff is more dangerous than I thought. These guys are checking me out like I’m headed to “stunt man school.” Nothing could be further from the truth! It is my firm belief that there is nothing more dangerous then to sit home and do nothing. That being said, let’s do everything that we can to make this a successful experience. If you end up with a medical issue, your doctor will help you through it and then you can begin training and win! After you have checked in with your own doctor, you may decide to get some more specific advice from our group of affiliated doctors.

Check out our Ask a Doctor post.

Step #1a – Spiritual Element of Weight Loss- Motivation !!

What my spiritual life has something to do with my ability to lose weight ? This is news to me! This is the response of many and that’s why so few people are successful in this undertaking! Tragically, for many they simply don’t have anything more compelling in their life then eating themselves into oblivion! Why else would someone continue to go through drive thrus when they are confined to a jazzi because of their weight and fitness levels. Believe me it happens, my office is right across the street from one of those fast food assembly lines and I see it at least weekly! So why would someone take steps so obviously contrary to their own wants and needs? We will answer this in great deal in our Biblical Health Systems section. Trust me, my goal is not to change your religion but instead I would like to remind you of the basics of your spiritual life that directly impact your health and well-being. Let’s develop a healthy motivation that allows you to enjoy the exhilarating process of moving toward your hopes and dreams. There definitely is elements of life that are much more exciting and interesting than focusing on what you are going to eat today! Let’s explore this in more detail by clicking below!

See our post on Spiritual Motivation

Step #2 – Break the Stress

Stress negatively impacts 75% or more of the health challenges that we face. Weigh Loss is no exception to this rule. For many stress is a primary trigger in Binge or Overeating. This habit is something that many of us face. Finding other strategies for switching from this negative mental state to more empowering mental experiences will prevent the harmful reaction of eating to feel better rather then to provide optimum nutrition.

Stress is not only a mental experience, it is also obviously a physical experience. This state is accompanied by a distinct and definitive physiology and chemical cocktail. This chemical cocktail is characterized by two hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Overproduction of these hormones often leads to the dreaded storage of belly fat! To solve this critical issue in a comprehensive way, please visit our section on stress.

Step #3 – Pay Attention to the Basics

If you really want to be good at math you must learn the basics. The same thing with any sport, any coach will tell you! Weight Loss is no exception to this universal rule of natural law.

  1. How much water do I drink?
  2. How do I find my caloric limit?
  3. How do I prepare the food that I like?
  4. What type of nutritional program is best to start with?
  5. What utensils, recipes and shopping lists do I need?
  6. What do I change if I plateau?
  7. How do I develop positive self-discipline?
  8. How do I involve my family in this plan?

For the answers to all of these questions and much more of the fundamentals please click below and go to our Pastorella Family Health Basics section!

Step #4 – Walking: The Complete Approach!

Walking, the universal exercise! No matter what your health or fitness goal is, walking is the indispensable tool. Whether your goal is to pack on muscle or to lose all kind of fat, walking is a necessary part of doing your best. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are trying to restore your health or reach your peak athletic potential, walking can be the exercise that blasts you through to your next level. So, why doesn’t everyone get these results from simply going for awalk once in awhile?? Because like any other exercise there is alot more to doing it effectively then meets the eye. On this instructional page you will learn:

  1. How to restore balance to your feet so that your workouts are limited by metabolic fatigue and not sore feet!
  2. Why walking and running barefoot are what nature intended.
  3. How proper postural alignment and body mechanics turn running into the stress reducer that Yoga is!
  4. How proper breathing can enhance your experience mentally and physically!
  5. How walking can enhance your creativity!
  6. How walking and running can coordinate with your personal spiritual practices, to enhance your whole life and motivate you to always want more!

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