Pastorella American Kung-Fu System

“Applying the Wisdom of the Past to the Realities of the Present Environment”

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Why American Kung-Fu?

Martial arts at it’s very core, is a response of a given group of people, to applying the principles of “Natural Law” in mastering their environment.

Kung-Fu is a Chinese term that literally translates to “Time and Effort”. It is the patient and systematic application of the previous qualities of time and effort to enhance and cultivate a life skill (gardening, cooking, fighting, healing etc). Because of the TV series Kung-fu many have come to associate this word to Shaolin Temple martial arts. Certainly these arts are Kung-Fu but the term definitely goes beyond that.

Taking the above definitions into account, allows us to more fully see the true definition of American Kung-Fu. We are certainly not throwing tradition out. On the contrary, we honor it and look to it for timeless Wisdom but we are putting it in its rightful place. The reality is that we are in America, the most diverse battlefield to ever exist. You may run into a Chinese kung-fu expert, a Judo player or Western Boxer etc. on any day. So you must be willing and able to adapt and overcome at a whole new level. This is what American Kung-Fu teaches you to do. It is truly a life-enhancing art, designed for your environment!

White Sash Requirements / Suggested Equipment

White Sash is the introduction to American Kung-Fu. You will be introduced to the Fundamentals of the art. The Primary benefit that you will gain is that you will start to develop a foundation of Physical Health & Vitality! At this point similar to the man in the photo, you will be practicing in your street clothes. The only investments in equipment will be a white sash and we suggest a Pastorella Health T-Shirt. The following link will allow you to make these purchases.

Yellow Sash is a time for focusing on individual practice at home. This is a time when you start to get to know yourself. Suggested Equipment will be as follows:

  1. Yellow Sash
  2. Pastorella Health T-Shirt
  3. Kung-Fu Pants
  4. Pastorella Family Health Basics Level 1


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