Every body wants this ability but few people have thought it through enough to be able to even define it in a useful way. Today I would like to help you with that and maybe even suggest a process to pursue this most elusive of attributes!

Weight Loss & Self-Mastery

What is true self-mastery? Why is it important? How do I go about improving it? All of our programs deal with this attribute in some way. Weight loss programs teach you to deal with your appetites. Appetites and drives are wonderful things and they can be a important force in driving you to effective action. This “effective” action is often the source of true joy as you move toward your God-given vocation.

What is your vocation? What does it have to do with Self Mastery? Your vocation is that special method of self-expression and service to others that when fully expressed leads to your greatest joys. Simply put, it is what God made you for. Finding this service that you love and beginning your quest toward its expression is a giant step toward self mastery! The old saying is that anybody can accomplish anything with a big enough why! Once you find this sacred quest, there will be a big enough why when it comes to controlling habits and appetites that are out of control or out of balance. Then you can quit smoking, lose weight or find the drive to educate yourself, improve your financial life or even improve your relationships, interpersonal or divine. You can even find the Strength to defend yourself in life or death self defense!

Martial Arts & Self-Mastery

This brings us to another central program, Martial arts whether it be Kung Fu or Taichi is another way to pursue self mastery. Facing your physical mortality and maintaining your composure may be relevant and preparatory when you have to face that business crisis that threatens to end your financial life or that relationship crisis that threatens to end your marriage or that health crisis that threatens to end your well being.

Health is another aspect of self-mastery. The old saying health is wealth, this attribute like your spiritual health affects every other aspect of life and as you face crisis in your health it demands a development of self mastery that changes you permanently and changes your ability to control yourself in everything else that your life is about. Taichi, personal training, nutrition, essential oils and hypnosis all have a strong health focus but they will also help you in that critical attribute of self-mastery. But there is one concern that will call for more self-mastery, spiritual health and fitness!

Spiritual Health & Self-Mastery

Spiritual health and fitness creates the most demand for self-mastery. Our spiritual life relates to our very , eternal existence. No matter your beliefs (which I have no intention of trying to change), this is the subject most critical to your overall well being. Does your spiritual life depend on your self-mastery? Indeed it does. To the extent that our programs teach you self-control, concentration, relaxation and self-awareness of your values, goals and habitual thoughts, it helps you to improve this critical part of your life.

Also, our martial arts programs teach the very dynamics of relationship (fighting is perhaps the most intense relationship type known). While we don’t try to push a certain type of spiritual life on you in any way, our programs that deal with real life and death issues, weight loss, hardcore self-defense, and stress develop the necessary attributes of self-mastery that can enhance even this most important attribute of spiritual health.

If you are interested in exploring this element of self mastery in your life please call or email Rich and he will discuss which of our programs suit your needs and goals the best. There is no pressure in a conversation. Call now and leave a message. Rich will get back to you personally! (570) 454-6377.

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