Hardcore Self-Defense


The arts we teach are equally focused on health, fitness and self-defense. Our health center began with a strong emphasis on Holistic Health. Because of these realities many people falsely assume that the arts we teach are not “real fighting systems”. This is a false assumption! These arts were developed first and foremost to allow people to protect themselves and their family in “hardcore” self-defense situations. In other words they are designed to give you the tools for mortal combat. Whether you are a soldier in combat, a policeman defending the streets, a bodyguard keeping your client safe or most importantly a private citizen trying to thread the fine line between operating effectively against a street thug that only knows the law of the jungle (survival of the fittest) and not running afoul of the increasing complex laws that govern self-defense.

In America, “hardcore self-defense” demands a unique skill set and our arts deliver! What abilities are necessary? Here are just a few:

  • the ability to remain relaxed during life and death struggle
  • the ability to change your mind from conscious reasoning to unconscious execution in a split second
  • knock down striking power
  • the ability to absorb impact from blows
  • speed at any age
  • balance both physically and mentally
  • vibrant health
  • the ability to relate to others around you in such a way to avoid and minimize conflict both with them and within yourself.
  • confidence to prevail in any situation
  • an acute awareness of the frailty and brief nature of life. This leads you to seize everyday with enthusiasm and respect others around you.

This element when pursued fully will enhance every aspect of life. Call today . Leave a message and Rich will get back to lead you to the program that suits you best!

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