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Hypnosis is often portrayed as the most “mysterious” of health practices. Some of this is well founded because many people, for many years have used stage hypnosis as part of magical performances . Just like many magicians are unethical and some are even delusional as they claim personal mystical power as evidenced by their magic tricks, many unethical uninformed hypnotists have made hypnosis into something mystical that it really is not.

This above stated fact is the reason that I developed this page. When you understand what hypnosis really is you will first be firmly convinced that Hypnosis is:

  • A completely naturally occurring state
  • Something that we all experience weather we realize or not
  • An indispensable faculty that is part of us expressing all of our God given abilities
  • A critical part of us being in control of ourselves and our habits
  • A critical tool in preventing us from being manipulated or being influenced against our best interests
  • Useful for enhancing health, prosperity, sports and interpersonal relationships

First a dictionary definition and what it means to you. Hypnosis is literally defined as “acceptable, selective thinking”. An example may be a trained Navy Seal with one hand in a bucket of ice water yet experiencing no discomfort because he is instead focused on the experience of the warm room that surrounds the rest of his body. Both the hand in the ice water and the warm room are real experiences but only the warm room is acceptable ( something he deeply wants , to feel warm), selective thinking. A lot of hypnosis boils down to this process. There is one other factor however. The sub conscious mind, The part of your mind that controls ongoing habits or programs that allows you to automatically pursue outcomes without your Conscious involvement, can’t tell the difference between events that are vividly imagined ( that are in line with your own personal values and goals) and real events. Therefore, as long as your thoughts stay in line with what you want, value and believe you can use your habitual thinking to reprogram the programs in your mental hard drive. What do we mean by mental programs? For example the part of your mind that allows you to drive home without thinking of how you move your foot to the pedal to stop at a stop light etc. you can drive without thinking about it! Learning to control this part of your mind is true self control!

Now it is available to you! This is what hypnosis is about you mastering your own faculties. Look for some of the goals that we have programs developed for below!

Immediate Service

One of my ongoing frustrations at my onsite training center is my inability to bring certain modalities that I have a strong background in and an even stronger belief in to my people on a consistent basis. One of the greatest strengths that I am blessed with is to have had the best teachers and coaches in the world. They have given me both a deep and a wide perspective in helping both myself and others to reach their full health and fitness potential. The multiple lenses of many disciplines allows me to see an individuals challenge from many different points of view. This has often allowed me to find a favorable solution for many over the last 30 + years.

The frustration is that because of time restraints I can’t always provide all of these disciplines individually. Hypnosis in my practice has been such a method. The great news is that my online health and fitness center has solved this problem! I will now be able to provide immediately downloadable Hypnosis Sessions on such exciting and critically important as:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Basic Mental Development
  • Martial Arts Enhancement
  • Sports Enhancement
  • Weight Loss
  • Concentration
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Healing Enhancement

These constantly growing programs can be stand alone programs or more often used in combination with our other programs to strongly enhance the result.

Order now or call Rich for info on how to combine these programs! 570-454-6377

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