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Skype Training

One of the most exciting opportunities of our online program is to be to bring the Pastorella Health “experience” to anybody anywhere at any time! Our program has always had two distinct “arms” to it.

Arm 1 – Personalized Sessions

Traditionally, our one-on-one sessions have been the core of our program. This allows me to use all of my experience in a variety of health, fitness and martial systems to develop an individualized program designed to reach your personal goals.

Arm 2 – Group Programs

Our second arm is our group classes which are more generalized in their approach. This approach presents an art or health system in its entirety because the class is focused on the goals of the art as they affect everyone not just one individual’s needs. Actually, most people require some combination of the to get the optimum result. The one on one session was the hardest to reproduce at a distance. That was the case until recent years, where the emergence of technologies like Zoom allows me to both see you and talk to you in real time, it allows us to have the closest experience to a one on one session in my office.

Unique Aspects of Zoom

Are their any limits of Zoom? Honestly, there are two limitations that distinguish Zoom training from onsite training. First and foremost I cannot correct your movement with “kinesthetic” or hands on corrections. Second I can’t participate in two-man self defense and fighting drills that I can easily do when you are onsite with me at my school.

Our Unique Response

We responded to these needs with a unique series of audio and visual cues that can be given at a distance. When these become mutually understood, they will not only allow us to effectively work at a distance but they will also develop your awareness and your abilities of observation that will enhance your ability to learn anything more quickly and effectively. We are also working on some equipment that will allow you to simulate a partner. This will help to fill an important gap in your distance training. We also have special rates that will save you money if you can find a training partner to participate with you at your location.


Another way we hope to enhance your results and further connect our martial arts family is through ongoing seminars. These ongoing group programs will allow for us immerse you in subjects of interest to enhance your health, fitness or self – defense!


Individual Zoom – $40 per 1/2 hour session
Extra training partners – add $5 per partner per 1/2 hour

Call Rich and leave message with your number (570) 454-6377 or email pastorellarich@gmail.com

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