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One of the greatest frustrations that I’ve experienced through my whole career, is visiting with someone on vacation or having one of my clients introduce me to someone that could easily benefit from my programs but they live too far away. This exciting new program is my response to this. This online virtual Tai Chi school allows anybody at any location to train with me and participate in a group tai chi class in the comfort of their own home.

I began by developing a Tai Chi program first because it is easily the most universally beneficial of all my tools. Not to diminish the effectiveness of my other time proven programs but Tai Chi simply benefits almost everyone in every walk of life. Throughout the years we’ve had college and professional athletes that have participated in our program for no other reason but to maximize their athletic prowess. Equally important we have had people with chronic health issues begin training focused primarily on their personal health goals. If that wasn’t enough, we have had lifelong martial artist and modern day warriors such as policeman, military personnel and even Elite special forces train with us to develop skills that would enhance their effectiveness in hardcore self defense. We were even the first Tai Chi instructors to receive doctor’s prescriptions to use Tai Chi as a complementary health modality for the treatment of chronic pain. This universal applicability of Tai Chi can be summed up in the English translation of the name Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi Chuan – “the grand ultimate physical culture”

This is the definition that my teacher got from the 93-year-old master that trained him. Master Wong was not only fully functional at 93 but also able to speak more than 7 languages fluently! This cross cultural perspective allowed him to be able to fully translate the profound intricacies of this method of physical culture like no other master. He translated how:

  • “Grand Ultimate” referred to the timeless perspective of natural law as it was passed down in literally 2000 years of martial history and tradition.
  • “Physical Culture” referred to more than just fighting even more than culturing the body. Instead it referred to the timeless wisdom that allowed an individual to “Culture” or develop every aspect of their lives . Physical, mental, emotional, and even enhance their relationships. Even their relationship to an attacker.
  • Yang Lu Chan the founder of Tai-Chi used Tai-Chi to win over 1000 personal duels.
  • Yang -Chien -Ho refined Tai-Chi so that it could be used both to train and rehabilitate (when injured) the “divine skill battalion” the most elite warriors in the kingdom.
  • Tai-Chi could be explained by and relate to modern medical science

I was indeed blessed to receive the honor of having this lineage passed to me. Now I would like to pass on some of the more important benefits to you.
Would you like to know how:

  • 75% of all heath challenges have stress as a major component.
  • This step by step program can help you to develop a growing ability to reverse these unhealthy responses.
  • What complete health and fitness really looks like.
  • How to deal with relational stress


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