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Do I Need to Talk to a Doctor?

We are truly blessed in the United States. We have the finest in Western technological medicine and every kind of natural medicine imaginable. Our goal is simple, to get you the very best of both types of medicine, necessary to reach your own personal goals. The simple answer is everyone needs a Doctor. A doctor that is local and available during any crisis. Then after finding this captain for your health and fitness team, you may ad new members to your team as you move toward your destiny.

Below Is a List of Available Doctors and Some Background Info!

Dr. Alexandra Matroni M.D.

Dr. Matroni has an extremely broad and diverse background. She began her health career as a dentist. After completing her training as a dentist, she developed an allergy to the materials used for filling cavities. This seemed to be a tragedy but people of faith like Dr. Matroni believe that God often wraps up opportunity in the worst of tragedy. So, back to school she went and she graduated as a Medical Doctor. She has a specialization in internal medicine. At one point in her career she ran an emergency room. Her career as an M.D. has been eventful but there was more for her to do.

An illness that didn’t respond well to technological medicine led Dr. Matroni back to the drawing board once again as she began to explore classical Homeopathy. After studying extensively she became a doctor of classical homeopathy. This has become one of her primary modalities and her passion for it seems unquenchable. Her study is constant. This may seem like the end of the story but it is not.

Some of us are called and some of us are drafted it would seem. About 12 years ago Dr. Matroni had a pretty serious car accident once again her condition did not respond well to conventional medicine. This Quest led her to the Hypocrates institute and various forms of natural medicine including the groundbreaking study of functional medicine. It also led to a strong deepening of her faith. While she is adamant about never imposing her beliefs on her patients, she realizes that their coming to grips with their own spiritual beliefs is often an important part of the healing process. Dr. Matroni’s experience has led her past being a doctor to the vocation of being a healer. You may reach Dr. Matroni at akm309

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