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You must approach this adventure with the right attitude. You must look at your daily training is something you are blessed to get to do not as some annoying chore. This is critical, the only attitude that is successful is I like Tai Chi and I know it will work for me. You would think that this is self-evident, but it isn’t. I can’t tell you how many people that I have watched start other programs of self-improvement with exactly the opposite mentality. They actually began expecting to lose. Let me save you and I both time. If you are determined to feel that way, the outcome is certain, however if you choose the winning attitude, I like tai chi I know it will work we will succeed. This is most important.

1. Get Medically Cleared

It never fails to amaze me. How individuals choose to make a division between Western technological medicine and natural medicine. Tai chiWorks universally. That being said it makes no sense whatsoever to begin this or any other Health and fitness program. Without getting approval from your doctor. This process begins with our par-q Form and is completed by you getting an annual physical from your doctor and getting an OK for fitness activity. The par-q form will be included with your initial Program.
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2. Get Enough Sleep

It is obvious that if you were trying to restore your health that it would only make sense For you to get enough sleep. If you have a serious health or fitness need you can be sure that no matter what you do it will not have the desired effect if you do not get 6 to 8 hours of sleep every Night. It should also be said that some individuals because of their own individual and unique concerns May need more.

3. Fully Comply with the Program

This is simple it is laid out in front of you. You have 24 hour per day access. Every step is spelled out. While its effectiveness is somewhat forgiving , obviously if the program calls for you to do something a. I minimum of 5 days per week and you do it once you can expect minimal results. Also it is much less forgiving when you begin because you will be doing less. Your workouts may only be 5-10 minutes per day initially. If you can’t do that , well… The obvious answer is you can and if you want results you must.

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