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How Do I Get Started?

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This is the honest truth. We both have something critical on the line. We need each other. If you have come to this program, I’m sure you came for a reason. You might say A need. Your need is personal and important to you. I come to this with A Need also. My need is to make an honest living from my life purpose. When I look back it is obvious that I was groomed for this. The skills that I have built through a lifetime of experience and intensive training all serve a purpose and that purpose is to help you to reach your full physical and mental potential. So I need you and you need me to make this happen.

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How Do We Help Each Other?

There is a way we can both get what we need. Here’s what I’m willing to do to show good faith. I am willing to give you your first month absolutely free! No strings attached. This limits your risk while you take my initial program to heart. To really maximize your chance of succeeding you will need to do the following.

What Will This Require?

You can see that I am committed to fairness and your success. There is no other reason that I would give you a free trial. Simply put my goal is to develop a lasting relationship that is equally beneficial for both of us. For me to be successful I have to help you to reach your goals but obviously I can’t do it alone. In fact the dirtiest little secret in natural health and fitness is that honestly it all depends on you! On your enthusiastic participation! Our mutual success depends on both of our good faith. The contract is simple. I will work day and night at taking the timeless principles of natural law found in Tai-chi and the martial arts and present them to you in ways that empower you to express your full physical potential and solve your very personal problems. You will do your best to follow these simple steps while enjoying this activity!

Now I’ll Spell Out What It Will Take!

In one way this is for anyone in another it is not. If you won’t follow these simple but critical guidelines perhaps this isn’t for you. For this to work you need to have something on the line and something to lose! I need you to realize that for you to reach your goal you need to make a good faith effort to succeed. Anyone can accomplish this but it must be done to succeed. The Good Faith Effort consists of the basic follow through that common sense dictates to be successful in anything.

So don’t make the biggest mistake and wait. Begin immediately!

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