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I will never forget what my swimming instructor taught me as a new adult swimmer. He began his evaluation with these questions. Have you ever been taught to swim before? Are you afraid of the water? The answer to the 2nd question was yes. I was very afraid. He responded confidently, no problem, it is simply a matter of acclamation. His statement confused me. Acclamation, what did that have to do with this. He then proceeded, to convince me to splash my feet, my legs and my torso, next he had me get into the water up to my waist, once I was comfortable He encouraged me to splash my face and finally holding my nose, he got me to put my face into the water. To sum it up he got me swimming in one day. This had a profound effect on me and my training methods. I realized that everybody no matter the endeavor does much better with a process of acclamation. The Tai Chi five program will begin your process of acclamation with these fundamental steps.

  1. The necessity of a daily practice regimen.
  2. This will teach you how lying in a simple, passive position can teach you to completely relax your back muscles.
  3. The most basic type of natural breath that can calm and relax the central nervous system.
  4. How to control the all important muscles of the ankle and lower legs to develop perfect balance and posture.
  5. Why it is critical to learn to move in slow-motion first before developing blistering speed.
  6. How this most basic Tai Chi form will develop the attributes of attention, relaxation, and memory necessary to learn and master the more advanced training.
  7. Why cultivating a comfortable and pleasant training state leads to iron clad compliance. The cornerstone of any success.
  8. Why developing proper posture can help you to master your overall health and vitality.

And so much more!

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