Self Defense

It’s really just another relationship, isn’t it?

Self-Defense: Is it Good for your Health?

If you’ve been associated with us in the past, you will remember that a central focus of our enterprise is that we are constantly searching ancient methods of personal development for systems that will affect a human being on multiple levels (Health, sports and lifestyle enhancement, self-mastery etc.) Martial arts have been a core focus and they sure fit the criteria of profound lifestyle change that I just described. Because of this dynamic our programs are filled with a wide and diverse audience searching for varied outcomes. It’s possible to have a class made up of young people looking to improve there focus and concentration combined with young adults looking to develop high level self-defense and sport skills, mixed in with others who have definite health concerns. With another art this may be a problem but in most cases it is a benefit for us. Why?

Believe it or not, one of the most important things that you can do for your health is to engage in self-defense training. To understand why you must first become aware that at it’s very core self-defense is just another form of relationship and all of the dynamics of any relationship will be found in the”Self-Defense” event. Further, your mastery of this event will help you to overcome “relational stress” one of the greatest destroyers of health in the modern world. Let’s look at how this may be beneficial to you.

  1. Do you feel confident that you can protect yourself in most situations?
  2. Do you find that you hold a lot of tension in certain body parts when talking to somone in an intense or difficult situation?
  3. Are you strong and vigorous enough to engage in intense activity, so that you may lead an active life?
  4. Have you been involved in other martial arts programs but found that they didn’t have a comprehensive, step by step way to teach self-defense for those that are not physically gifted?
  5. Does your prior training contain all or most of the components of a complete self-defense system?
  6. Does your prior training have a step by step method to increase both your physical and mental readiness?
  7. Are you looking for the spiritual aspect of martial arts and how this all fits into your personal vocation, so that your martial art really becomes a way of enhancing and maximizing your entire life?

If you are interested in getting any of the above from your self-defense, please check below for more information from our informative E-book and DVD courses.

Step #1 – Get Checked Out By Your Doctor!

Simply put we have no idea what kind of health that you are currently in. For everyone interested in health and fitness there is only one logical first step. Don’t procrastinate go and get a checkup from your family doctor right where you live. If you don’t have a family doctor, now is a great time to find one that is in line with your personal goals. I want to emphasize that this should be someone that is close so that you have access to them in a crisis. You may be thinking Wow! this physical training stuff is more dangerous than I thought. These guys are checking me out like I’m headed to “stunt man school.” Nothing could be further from the truth! It is my firm belief that there is nothing more dangerous then to sit home and do nothing. That being said, let’s do everything that we can to make this a successful experience. If you end up with a medical issue, your doctor will help you through it and then you can begin training and beat your stress! After you have checked in with your own doctor, you may decide to get some more specific advice from our group of affiliated doctors. Please check out our “Ask a Doctor” section.

Step #1a – The Spiritual Element of Self-Defense

Many speak about the spiritual aspect of martial arts or self-defense training but few have a systematic way of developing this, perhaps the most sought after component of the art. Many people have the prejudice or belief that martial arts only occurred in the Orient. This flies in the face of our common knowledge. A quick look at the sacred writings of the Bible will expose you to a caste of heroes that’s exploits are unequalled. These heroes were both spiritual and martial. they took their gifts as a sacred vocation that allowed them to love and serve God. This divine quest is what most martial artists are looking for. We have a step by step way to get you on that path. A good program to begin with is our Biblical Health Systems

Step #2 – Check out our E-book on American Kung-Fu

A good way to begin your exploration on self-defense is to explore our American Kung-Fu System. The first step in this process is to follow the link below to our American Kung-Fu site. Next, go to our free E-book on the “Fundamentals of True Self-Defense.” Download this informational book and begin to inform yourself on what a true Self-Defense program should consist of. Once you are comfortable with the steps involved go to the next steps!
American Kung-Fu

Step #3 – Take an American Class Live or on DVD

When you are satisfied that you have found perhaps the most comprehensive self-defense system ever developed, it is time to begin your training. If you are close by you can call to begin training by taking a complimentary, free Kung-fu class. If you are living quite a distance away you can certainly begin by buying our beginner class DVD program. You can then follow through with our online Skype Program.

Step #4 – Walking: The Complete Approach!

Walking, the universal exercise! No matter what your health or fitness goal is, walking is the indispensable tool. Whether your goal is to pack on muscle or to lose all kind of fat, walking is a necessary part of doing your best. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are trying to restore your health or reach your peak athletic potential, walking can be the exercise that blasts you through to your next level. So, why doesn’t everyone get these results from simply going for awalk once in awhile?? Because like any other exercise there is alot more to doing it effectively then meets the eye. On this instructional page you will learn:

  1. How to restore balance to your feet so that your workouts are limited by metabolic fatigue and not sore feet!
  2. Why walking and running barefoot are what nature intended.
  3. How proper postural alignment and body mechanics turn running into the stress reducer that Yoga is!
  4. How proper breathing can enhance your experience mentally and physically!
  5. How walking can enhance your creativity!
  6. How walking and running can coordinate with your personal spiritual practices, to enhance your whole life and motivate you to always want more!
  7. Step #5 – Physical Culture 2010

    Physical Culture is the original forerunner of most of our physical training processes. Perhaps the most popular is bodybuilding. But when we look at the complete history and tradition of this important cultural phenomena, we find out that while bodybuilding has some importance. It is only a small part of what physical culturing is about. the photos above remind us that physical culturing occurred both in Eastern and Western civilization. In both civilizations this important movement influenced and strongly benefitted:

    1. Medicine and Rehabilitation
    2. Sports Enhancement
    3. Personal Development
    4. Fitness & Strength
    5. Aesthetics (Bodybuilding)
    6. Arts

    Physical Culture 2010 is a comprehensive look at physical conditioning at all levels. You will lean to do the following:

    1. How to start properly and build a firm foundation that will cross over into other activities.
    2. Develop balance and stability in all body parts before building lasting strength.
    3. How to put on muscle quickly.
    4. How to avoid plateus and sticking points.
    5. How to maximize mobility while developing strength.
    6. How to use a great variety of equipment.
    7. How to use bodyweight exercises to maximize your conditioning.
    8. How to lose fat consistently.

    Physical Culture 2010 is in our opinion the most effective and complete training program ever.

    Step #6 – The Pastorella Health Basics System

    If you really want to be good at math you must learn the basics. The same thing with any sport, any coach will tell you! Weight Loss is no exception to this universal rule of natural law.

    1. How much water do I drink?
    2. How do I find my caloric limit?
    3. How do I prepare the food that I like?
    4. What type of nutritional program is best to start with?
    5. What utensils, recipes and shopping lists do I need?
    6. What do I change if I plateau?
    7. How do I develop positive self-discipline?
    8. How do I involve my family in this plan?

    For the answers to all of these questions and much more of the fundamentals please click below and go to our section Pastorella Family Health Basics !

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