Pastorella Family Health Basics Weight Loss System Book

Pastorella Family Health Basics Weight Loss System

Pastorella Family Health Basics Weight Loss SystemThis book records my families experience with using the basics of health to meet a very specific health and fitness goal more specifically that goal is to achieve and maintain our optimum and body weight. While the basics in this book are very applicable for those seeking to manage their weight, they shouldn’t be limited to that the timeless wisdom found in the space six are a step-by-step process towards success in any personal growth process.

For some, this book may be an interesting story filled with useful suggestions but for many it will represent the simple basic elements that have been missing and preventing them from reaching their optimum body weight and eventually their full potential. Our sincere hope is that these basics will serve you as well as they served us.

This book is $29.95, which includes sales tax and shipping anywhere in the continental United States. If you are outside the continental United States, please contact Rich Pastorella at (570) 578-4748 or

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