Before We Begin

Tai-Chi has been an exercise that is valued and pursued for its health benefits back into antiquity. It was used to restore all elements of health and function in a formalized manner when the founders son Yang- Chien- Ho (add photo yang-chien- ho) was called upon to not only train but rehabilitate ” the divine skilled battalion” . These were the most elite warriors in the kingdom tasked with protecting the emperor. You might think of them as the ancient version of the secret service. They were injured often and in every way possible and Yang kept them going strong. Personally, my teacher and I were the first Tai-Chi teachers in the US to obtain Doctors prescriptions to use Tai-Chi as a healing modality. Our entire history and lineage tells us that this is safe and extremely effective. But here is the “rub” Tai-Chi has all of these qualities When applied precisely and effectively to someone physically prepared for activity.

What does prepared for activity mean? To be more precise, I am saying that I am doing this professionally for about 30 years and in my experience there is no activity or exercise that allows you the flexibility to gear down to the persons weaknesses or up to their gifts and strengths like Tai-Chi does (when applied accurately and precisely). Unfortunately, I am not there with you to see if you are that 1 in 100 people that has a preexisting condition that would force me to send you to a medical doctor for other treatment before beginning this or any fitness program. So I am taking these necessary steps. I am suggesting that you see a doctor first before beginning, I am telling you up front that there are dangers to any health or fitness regimens and I am demanding that you do the honorable thing and take responsibility for your own health and well being in an activity that you decided to participate in at a distance and after being fully advised of the potential dangers. If for any reason you have any doubt whether or not you have any physical ailments, do not participate in this program without medical approval.

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